How to shape your Christmas trees correctly

Pruning and shaping of your Christmas trees must be performed outside of the growing season. Pruning is from January to March, and shaping is from January to March and again from September to October. 

Shaping with secateurs

For shaping your trees it is important to use pointed and small secateurs which provide higher performance and make it easy for you to cut close to the bud without leaving a stub. We recommend the Felco 6 secateurs which are perfect for this purpose. Are you left handed, please use the Felco 16. Both secateurs are made of hardened steel, are ergonomic and made for professional use, and protect your hands (also small hands) and wrists thanks to the shock-absorbing cushion between the handles. 

There are many ways to prune your trees in order to keep the right proportions. We recommend that you evaluate each tree and prune according to the growth of the tree. Depending on the tree's provenance and growth, start pruning in the 4th-5th growing year. In this way, the trees will have time to grow and become ready for sale. 

For 1st year's shoots you can choose to carve your trees with a pruning saw or pruning knife to ensure a clean and precise cut. 

Shoot breaking

In addition to or instead of cutting the trees when they burst you can break off  2/3 of the new shoot. You have to do this when the new shoots are 1-5 cm long and still capable of forming new buds, to ensure that the tree will end up looking good. 

By breaking off the shoots on your Christmas trees you will have more natural looking trees and at the same time be able to reduce the width of the trees.

If you choose to break off the shoots instead of cutting your trees, please ensure that you break off shoots on all whorls. If you break off the shoots as a supplement to the basic regulation, you only have to break the shoots in the upper whorl. 

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