Nice to know about Christmas Trees

Nice to know about Christmas Trees

Nice to know about Christmas Trees

Lean more about growing Christmas trees and greenery

Read about top leader regulation, pruning, shaping, correction of branches, species, growth, fertilization, pH values and frost in Christmas trees.

In the articles below you will find informations on various aspects within growing Christmas trees and greenery. If you want to produce and sell high quality Christmas trees and greenery it is fundamental to focus on the growing of the trees.

Top leader regulation of Christmas trees

Regulating the length of the top leaders on your tress represents a large part of the work with Christmas trees. Here you can learn how to regulate the top leaders on your Christmas trees either by using our Top-Stop pliers, or chemically by using our Easy Roller.

Pruning and shaping of Christmas trees

Learn how to shape your Christmas trees. How to achieve a nice conical tree either by shaping with a sword or by forming the tree with secateurs.

Correction of branches and repair of Christmas trees

Learn how to correct top leaders and asymmetric branches on your Christmas trees by using tools like branch forks, top rings, top spirals and multi pegs.

Base pruning of Christmas trees

Read about the various methods of base pruning of Christmas trees and learn which method is best for your trees. Base pruning with machine or by hand.

How to sow Christmas trees

Learn how to e.g. soak and pre-treat your forest and landscape seed and seed for Christmas trees. Save a lot of money by sowing your own plants/trees.

Provenances and species of Christmas trees and greenery

Read about the different Christmas tree species and their characteristics. Read about optimal growing conditions and soil types before you plant trees.

Bud formation and growth in Christmas trees

How to make your trees develop many buds and maintain a healthy growth. A well developed root system is crucial in order to get a fine Christmas tree.

Frost and frost damages on Christmas trees

Frost can cause severe damage to your Christmas trees. Learn how to minimize the risk of frost damages in your Christmas trees.

Fertilization of Christmas trees

How to fertilize your Christmas trees correctly. Different types of soil need different fertilization, and different types of trees have different needs.

pH values and deficiency symptoms in Christmas trees

The soil's pH is essential for an optimal growth of your Christmas trees in order for them to absorb the important nutrients.