Base pruning of Christmas trees

Base pruning of your Christmas tree culture is very important. It is much easier to use machines between the rows and to avoid algaes and fungis when the culture is kept and maintained and base pruned, since it creates space and air between your trees. Furthermore, base pruned Christmas trees are much easier to deal with when harvesting. The base pruning of your trees must always be done when the trees are not growing.  

Christmas tree base pruning, by hand or with a base pruning machine 

You can base prune your Christmas trees with secateurs or with a base pruning machine. When you cut by hand you will get the best result, since it is easier to cut all branches and avoid cuts in the trunk. We recommend you to use ordinary secateurs, electric or pneumatic secateurs. When you cut your Christmas tree culture by hand you only have to do this once, - if you use a base pruning machine you might need to cut more than once. 

When do you have to base prune your Christmas trees?

If you choose to base prune your trees by hand, you can do this when the trees are about 3 years old. If you use a base pruning machine you will have to wait until the trees are 4-5 years old. 

Which solution is the best?

Which solution to choose depends on the trees and the terrain in your Christmas tree culture. Do you have trees in many different sizes on hilly terrain, you should base prune by hand. If you, on the contrary, have a uniform Christmas tree culture on an even terrain, we recommend you to use a base pruning machine, especially if you have a lot of trees. 

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