Shaping of branches and repair of Christmas trees

We offer a lot of tools and methods to shape and repair branches with wrong growth or damages like e.g. S-top leaders, broken tops and upright or asymmetric branches.

Repair of asymmetric branches

Branches which are not situated symmetrically around the trunk can be forced back to the right position by using branch guides. These branch guides should be fastened around the branches and put together so they both can pull together the branches in the same whorl and at the same time force them down towards the whorl below. You can also use shaping forks made of either wood or plastic for the same purpose. 

Repair of top leaders 

Have your top leaders grown a little too long over the past year, then you can cut off the top leader in the early spring and choose a bud, which will form the top of the new top leader. It is crucial that the bud is facing north and that the top is cut at an angle of 45 degrees directly over the bud (by summer pruning). By winter pruning it is important to cut off the top leader min. 1 cm over the chosen bud to prevent the bud from drying out. 

The bud protector is placed on the top leader before the bud starts to grow in the springtime and has to be removed again after about two months. This works very well on Norway spruce and other spruce types, whereas it might present certain challenges on Nordmann fir. 

Repair of damages on top leaders

Broken tops on Christmas trees is a well known problem. The problem is often due to birds, hail or lack of bursting buds, that have died because of severe or late frost. If you have Christmas trees with broken or crooked top leaders caused by birds etc. try some of the below mentioned methods.

You can straighten a bending side branch or top leader by attaching a bamboo stick to the branch with Max tape. You can also mount a top spirale onto the branch that is going to form the new top leader, and keep this in the right position until the branch is hardened. 

Shaping of the upper whorl with top rings

Christmas trees with an upper whorl with upright branches can be shaped with a top ring to force down the branches in the correct position. 

The top rings must not be fitted before September, when the branches have stopped growing and must be removed before the new growing season starts. If the top rings are fitted earlier, the branches might turn upwards when growing outside the ring. Remember to remove the top ring before the new growing season starts. We recommend that you put a peg onto the tree just above the top ring in order to keep the plastic top ring in the right position.

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