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Bird protection

Bird protection

Protect your Christmas trees against birds

It is very important to protect your Christmas trees and their leader against birds and the damages they can do. 

Sticks attached to the Christmas trees with pegs is a very efficient way to protect the leaders from breaking when birds land in the top of the trees. 

The sticks prevent the birds from landing on the fragile leaders. They will find another place to land without doing any harm, and the leaders on your Christmas trees will remain nice and unbroken. Onto the stick you can mount a silver shining windmill or the T-bar "landing lane", which scare the birds or offer them another place to land. 

The stick with peg has to be mounted onto the top shoot from last year, in order to make the Christmas tree shoot up freely. We have ordinary bird pegs for one stick, wider and more stable Multi-pegs for bigger trees or for mounting the correction equipment, and also the Premium pegs for up to three sticks in each peg especially suitable for bigger trees. 

A hawk kite which looks like a bird of pray is also a very effective way to keep the birds away from your Christmas tree culture. Should you want a very advanced solution, have a look at our BirdAlert, which is a very intelligent bird deterrent with sound, smoke and other gadgets in order to scare both birds and game. E.g. you can control it via an app on your mobile phone. 

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Branch adjustment on Christmas trees

Here you'll find accessories such as plastic binders and bamboo sticks for correction and shaping of your Christmas trees. 

In this category, you find even more clever solutions for your shaping, branch correction and top leader repair efforts.

We also have equipment that can do more than one task at the time, for example can be mentioned our Triwi top ring which keeps the new top leader in its place and at the same time acts a a bird deterrent.

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Top leader regulation

Regulating the growth of the top leader on your Christmas trees is a very important part of growing Christmas trees.

Here you'll find all kinds of accessories for the top leader regulation - both chemical and non-chemical.

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Read about the different methods for regulating the top leaders on your Christmas trees

The growth of the top leaders must be regulated in order to avoid them growing too long.

Bud formation and growth

Learn which factors are crucial for the correct development of buds and growth in your trees.

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