Welcome to HD2412

Welcome to HD2412

Welcome to HD2412

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Since 1976 we have supplied equipment for use in the woods, for the production of Christmas trees and decorative greenery, to nursery and landscaping.

We supply forestry equipment, safety equipment, tools, spare parts and clothing.

You can browse our webshop 24 hours a day, 12 months a year and order online by our supplier in the UK - Billingley Christmas Trees.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please give us a call and we will be happy to help you.

Top leader regulation

Top leader regulation

Regulating the growth of the top leader on your Christmas trees is a very important part of growing Christmas trees.

Here you'll find all kinds of accessories for the top leader regulation - both chemical and non-chemical.

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Plant protection

When planting new trees and plants it is important to protect them against game and bite damages.

When hares and deers fray your trees, then we recommend that you protect your trees with growth tubes or plant spirals. 

Protect the terminal buds with our bud protector, in order to avoid broken top leaders. 

If you have young plants or freshly sprouted seeds, you need to protect form birds, strong wind and sun, shade netting with tunnel bows can provide optimal growth conditions. 

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Heavy duty rainwear for work, hunting and spare time

Avoid getting wet when working in the forest, plantation, Christmas tree culture or when hunting.

Our heavy duty rainwear keeps you dry even after many hours of hard work, every day. To keep your feet warm and dry, have a look at our selecton of rubber boots. 

We offer rain trousers, rain dungarees and rain legs, together with rain coats and smock tops. Most of our rainwear is green, but a few models are also available in orange, to keep you more visible when working in the Christmas tree culture. 

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Pest control in Christmas trees

Learn more about how to prevent and control infestations in your Christmas trees.

Branch correction in Christmas trees

Now is a good time to correct branches on your Christmas trees, as the branchen are supple and easy to form in the direction you want.