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Since 1976 we have supplied equipment for use in the woods, for the production of Christmas trees and decorative greenery, to nursery and landscaping.

We supply forestry equipment, safety equipment, tools, spare parts and clothing.

You can order 24 hours a day, 12 months a year in our webshop - and your order will be shipped as soon as possible.

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Christmas tree labels and marking equipment

Christmas tree labels and marking equipment

We sell labels for Christmas trees and loop labels made of either Tyvek or PVC for your Christmas tree plantation. The Tyvek material has some very unique characteristics, which ensure that they do not break and are not affected by wind and weather. 

Furthermore the Tyvek labels are easy to separate, when working in humid weather with the Christmas trees. Tyvek labels do not stick together, as PVC can do. 

We offer both narrow and wide labels for Christmas trees, loop labels, self-coloured labels, striped labels, labels with snowflakes and much more. You can use the labels for marking both Christmas trees and bundles of greenery.

Equipment for marking of Christmas trees

We also sell all the equipment you need for marking your Christmas trees, - like labelling and work vests, aprons with pockets for labels and stapler, staplers and counters. 

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Christmas tree netting

Avoid running masks and minimize the amount of waste in your plantation by using the vacuum-packed Christmas tree netting from NovaNet.

Our VacuNet for Christmas trees fit both CompacTree Netop machines, the Tree Tech netting machine from Bredsgaard, hydraulic machines and hand funnels. 

You need this much netting

Try our netting calculator and learn how many meters you need for netting your Christmas trees. It is easy and quickly and the calculator even shows you how many bales there are in both 3,000 and 4,000 m packs. 

Packed in 300/400 m packs

VacuNet is packed in netting bales with either 3,000 or 4,000 m, devided into packs of 400 m, so you do not have to change netting on the netting funnel very often.

We also sell a discount netting type

You can also get a cheaper Christmas tree netting type, suitable for funnels where the netting is pulled over the Christmas tree without the netting coming through the funnel. 

This type of netting is suitable for scouts selling Christmas trees, or if you arrange "a choose-and-cut your own Christmas Tree"-experience.

This netting is available in bales of 3,000 m or packets of 300 m. 

Need anything else?

Give us a call on +44 (0) 20 3630 1444 if you need other kinds of Christmas tree nettings or if you have any questions.

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Heavy duty rainwear for work, hunting and spare time

Avoid getting wet when working in the forest, plantation, Christmas tree culture or when hunting.

Our heavy duty rainwear keeps you dry even after many hours of hard work, every day. To keep your feet warm and dry, have a look at our selecton of rubber boots. 

We offer rain trousers, rain dungarees and rain legs, together with rain coats and smock tops. Most of our rainwear is green, but a few models are also available in orange, to keep you more visible when working in the Christmas tree culture. 

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Frost in Christmas trees

Learn about how to avoid severe frost and frost damages in your Christmas trees.

ph values and deficiency symptoms in Christmas trees

Learn about different types of soil and how they fit different types of fir and pine.

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