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Top leader regulation

Top leader regulation

Regulating the growth of the top leader on your Christmas trees is a very important part of growing Christmas trees.

Here you'll find all kinds of accessories for the top leader regulation - both chemical and non-chemical.

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Knapsack sprayers, hand sprayers and sprayers with battery

Here you will find accessories and spare parts for Mankar, CP3, Microfit, Gloria and Serena sprayers. The sprayers are suitable for spraying your Christmas trees and other planting, and can be used for spraying both herbicides and insecticides.

We sell hand sprayers, knapsack sprayers and sprayers with battery. 

Have a look in  the category fertilizer for your Christmas trees or have a look at our saftey clothes. Here you will find suits, boots, masks and much more to protect yourself against chemicals. 

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Christmas labels and marking equipment

We sell labels for Christmas trees and loop labels made of either Tyvek or PVC for your Christmas tree plantation. The Tyvek material has some very unique characteristics, which ensure that they do not break and are not affected by wind and weather. 

Furthermore the Tyvek labels are easy to separate, when working in humid weather with the Christmas trees. Tyvek labels do not stick together, as PVC can do. 

We offer both narrow and wide labels for Christmas trees, loop labels, self-coloured labels, striped labels, labels with snowflakes and much more. You can use the labels for marking both Christmas trees and bundles of greenery.

Equipment for marking of Christmas trees

We also sell all the equipment you need for marking your Christmas trees, - like labelling and work vests, aprons with pockets for labels and stapler, staplers and counters. 

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Expand your knowledge about provenances and species of Christmas trees

Are you considering which species to choose for your Christmas tree culture?

How to give your trees the optimal conditions

Read about the correct fertilization of your Christmas trees.

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