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Welcome to HD2412

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Since 1976 we have supplied equipment for use in the woods, for the production of Christmas trees and decorative greenery, to nursery and landscaping.

We supply forestry equipment, safety equipment, tools, spare parts and clothing.

You can order 24 hours a day, 12 months a year in our webshop - and your order will be shipped as soon as possible.

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Fertilizer and accessories

Fertilizer and accessories

We have all the equipment you need - from taking a soil sample to spreading the fertilizer.

Our fertilizer has been developed by Christmas tree growers for Christmas tree growers, and is thus optimized for conifers and their specific needs. Our fertilizer types contain important nutrients for Christmas trees that you do not get in regular NPK fertilizers. 

To decide which type of fertilizers to choose, we recommend that you make a soil analysis. 

You can order the fertilizer in bags of 20 kg, 600 kg big bags or on a pallet with 1,200 kg devided into 20 kg bags. 

We also recommend that you do a needle analysis to find out which nutrients your trees might need. Please pay attention to discoloration, short needles and poor growth. 

To ensure the correct development of buds and frost resistance in the spring, we recommend our liquid fertilizer Optimin in combination with liquid nitrogen Opti-N. By using this mixture in the summer or early fall, you can improve the vitality and colour of your conifers. 

Have a look at our fertilizers and accessoires here. 


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Top-Stop pliers and accessoires

With Top-Stop pliers you can regulate the growth of the top leaders in your Christmas trees without use of chemistry.

The patented Top-Stop pliers makes a special cut in the cambial ring of the top leader reducing the sap flow to the terminal bud, decreasing the length of the top leader growth by up to 30%

Here you can find a complete Top-Stop pliers and accessoires like blades, replacement heads and springs. 

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Growth regulators

Here you will find approved growth regulators for Christmas trees and fruit trees.

The growth regulators can reduce the growth of the top leaders on Christmas trees, so they get the desired length. You can add the growth regulators with an Easy Roller. 

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Fertilization of Christmas trees

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