Shoot breaking

The shoots are now light green and soft - it is time for shoot breaking.

The season for shoot or bud breaking is here

You can use shoot or bud breaking as a method to form your trees in two ways:

1. As a supplement to shaping your trees with secateurs. With this method you only have to shoot break the upper whorl.

2. As the only shaping of your trees. With this method you will have to shoot break all the whorls.

The shoot breaking should be performed when the shoots have a length of 1-5 cm. In that way they are still able to form new buds and give the tree the right look.

You have to break off 2/3 of the new shoot. Remember not to use your nails when breaking off the shoot in order to avoid brown needles.

See how to shoot break your Christmas trees in the video below.

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