Responsible Christmas tree

If you want a responsible Christmas tree, don't pick a plastic tree.

Choose a responsible Christmas tree if you care for the planet

Did you know that you have to use your plastic Christmas tree at least 20 years to make it as responsible as a real Christmas tree?

Plastic trees are very bad when it comes to CO2-emissions because the plastic is made of fossil materials in China. Moreover, the plastic trees are typically transported a long way by plane og ship before they reach the customer.

Typically, plastic trees are only used five-six years before they are disposed of and burned, what again contributes to CO2-emissions and other toxic substances in the atmosphere.

If you want a responsible Christmas tree you should buy a real Christmas tree, preferably locally grown. A natural Christmas tree has, instead of releasing toxic materials in the air, absorbed CO2 during its life. A real Christmas tree is grown 8-10 years before it is ready for harvesting. During those years, the tree is habitat for birds, insects and other useful animals.

Moreover, there is a great deal of advantages by choosing a natural Christmas tree for your living room:

  • a wonderful smell of spruce in your living room
  • a cosy afternoon when you and your family are going to harvest your tree
  • a clean conscience
  • a place to feed birds in your garden if you place the tree e.g. in your sunshade holder after Christmas
  • you can also cut off branches from the Christmas tree after Christmas to use for covering roses and other delicate flowers in your garden.


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