It is time for repairing and correcting your Christmas trees

It is important to get your branch guides, bamboo sticks and growth regulators in place before the trees start to grow.

Get your Christmas trees in shape

The last weeks of winter and the very first weeks of spring is the right time to repair crooked top leaders, upright branches and asymmetric whorls.

Use this time of the year between the base pruning and the top leader regulation to get hold of your trees with branch guides, Max tape and growth regulators. The tools are easily mounted on your Christmas trees now as the branches are still stiff. You'll also save a lot of work if you mount your bird pegs with sticks in the same workflow. By doing that, your trees are ready to grow in the right direction and will be protected from bird damages at the same time.

The Triwi branch guides are made of strong plastic that can withstand the sun's UV rays and can therefore be used during many seasons if you collect it after the growing season. The branch guides come in yellow and orange colours so that you can easily find them in your trees.

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