It is time for mechanical top leader regulation of your X-mas trees

It is time to start the top leader regulation with the Top-Stop nipper or the TipTop nipper now when the buds are swelling.

Top leader regulation with Top-Stop nipper

Even though spring has been chilly, the buds on the Christmas trees are now swelling or even bursting.

This means that the time for mechanical top leader regulation with either the Top-Stop nipper or the TipTop pliers has come. Only by starting the work now when the buds have the right size, you can be sure to get the desired lenght on your top leaders.

The Top-Stop nipper, the most used and tested tool for mechanical top leader regulation, has been developed by the Danish Christmas tree grower Lars Geil. The nipper has been tested and developed over the past 12 years and has gone from having only two knives to having five.

The method for using the Top-Stop nipper has also been developed and refined during the past years and this year the new twist method has been brought to life.

The twist method makes working with the Top-Stop nipper a lot easier and quicker as you only have to squeeze the top leader once and then turn it 30-45 degrees while keeping it squeezed together. By doing this you will cut off the sap flow to the top leader sufficiently so that the growth will be reduced by 15-34 % on the top leader.

Apart from that, you'll reduce the growth in the top whorl on your trees.

Benefits from using the Top-Stop nipper for top leader regulation:

  • Independent of the weather - you'll get the same result no matter which kind of weather you treat your trees in.
  • All trees get treated at the same time in one workflow.
  • Everyone can quickly learn the technique.
  • You can treat 400-500 trees per hour.
  • You can search for lice while you treat yout trees.
  • The nipper also reduces the growth in top whorl.

Watch the video below to see the new twist method for the Top Stop nipper.

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