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It is time for cleaning up in your Christmas trees

January is a good time of the year to do some cleaning in your Christmas trees.

Make your Christmas tree fields ready for the spring

A new year has begun and when you are finished resting upon the season, this time of the year is a good time to do some cleaning up in your trees.

Your work can e.g. include:

  • removing cut trees that was never netted or picked up
  • cutting trees away that will never be eligible for sale
  • removing stumps so that noone tumbles upon them
  • removing piles of branches and sawn off ends
  • fix deep and muddy tracks
  • removing parts of netting and other forms of garbage

By doing this in January you can use a quiet time of the year for something that will benefit your work in the trees later on in the spring.

We wish you all good luck with your work!