Do you have your soil analysis under control?

Now is a good time to get your soil analysis done so that you are ready for the spring and the fertilising season.

Get ready for fertilising your Christmas trees

The best starting point for a correct and successful fertilising of your Christmas trees is a complete overview of the soil type(s) in your Christmas tree field.

The only way to achieve this is by getting a soil analysis done.

When getting a soil analysis done it is important that you take samples from different spots in the field and mix them together in a bucket before you send them to the laboratory. 

If the soil in your field has a very low pH value, you can normally remedy the problem with liming and subsequent mulching.

If the soil on the other hand shows to have a very high pH value there is unfortunately nothing you can do to remedy the problem.

The recommended pH values are as follows:

- Pine: 4,5-5,5

- Fir: 5,0-6,0

You should have a soil analysis done every second year to be sure that you are always updated on the specific conditions in your field.

Remember to divide your fertilising into two:

The first time from mid April to mid June and the second time from mid June to mid July.


You can read more about fertilising your Christmas trees in this article.

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