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Branch adjustment on Christmas trees

Branch adjustment on Christmas trees

Here you'll find accessories such as plastic binders and bamboo sticks for correction and shaping of your Christmas trees. 

In this category, you find even more clever solutions for your shaping, branch correction and top leader repair efforts.

We also have equipment that can do more than one task at the time, for example can be mentioned our Triwi top ring which keeps the new top leader in its place and at the same time acts a a bird deterrent.

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Fertilizer and accessories

Here you will find all the accessoires for fertilizing of your Christmas trees. 

Ease your work with a tray for carrying the fertilizer or with a fertilizer spreader, which you can carry on your back and set to the correct dosage.



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Secateurs and pruning shears

We stock a large selection of secateurs from the manufacturers Felco, Wolf, and Löwe and we also stock spare parts like new blades and springs for quick supply should your secateurs break.

All our secateurs have been specifically chosen for their quality and durability, but should you wish to make them last and perform for even longer, of course we also supply a sharpening steel to help you do so.

Secateurs for Christmas trees

You can use all our secateurs for pruning and shaping Christmas trees, but some of them are specifically suited for Christmas tree growers. A few good examples are the Felco 6 and the Wolf 22.

Are you looking for left hand secateurs or secateurs which are specifically made for small hands, take a look at our selection.

You may also want to take a look at our selection of  secateurs with rotating handle.

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Learn how to shape branches and repair your Christmas trees

Wrong growth or damages from e.g. birds can be repaired with the correct tools and methods.

Fertilizing your Christmas trees

Learn how to plan and execute the fertilization of your Christmas trees.

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